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It is fitting for this meeting to be held in a country that is so committed to tackling the AIDS epidemic, and we are delighted to be hosting the meeting in Southeast Asia for the first time.

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With Access for All as our overarching theme, we are pleased to present a diverse, exciting, and informative program. Vallop Thaineua in the field. In order to satisfy the growing need for information, each day of the Conference will have an overarching idea related to an aspect of access, so that information can be delivered in a logical way, for delegates to get the most from their attendance. There are five specialised tracks that have abstract presentations selected from over 10, original submissions.

These will be supplemented with further educational trainings, debate Ssessions and symposia where attendees will have the opportunity to share information. We wish you the very best for what we are confident, will be the most informative and successful International AIDS Conference to date.

Vallop Thaineua Dr. 3 Welcome to Bangko trnwziaJ' rjn As you will see in this Final Program, many exciting scientific discoveries in prevention and treatment will be presented. Some of the first of the newer vaccine trials have become available, the scientific evaluation of the recently implemented HAART programs in developing countries will be discussed and the first Global Fund will be seen.

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The research or experienced-based data presented in the abstract driven sessions have been deed to share exciting and relevant information from all fields of cutting-edge science and public-health related areas. The non-abstract driven sessions have been developed with their collective input and expertise. Influential speakers representing different disciplines such as social scientists, prevention scientists, people working at implementation levels NGOs, community and international organisationspolicy makers, government officials, treatment researchers, donor agencies and others have been brought together this week in Bangkok to present in bridging sessions, debates, case study presentations and symposia, reflecting the complete integration of science, community, and leadership to enhance the dialogue among participants from all sides.

It is our sincere hope that while attending this Conference you share information leading to groundbreaking decisions. We envision that a consensus on best practices will be reached and t multi-sectoral action at local, regional and global levels will be initiated. Your words of commitment will push countries, companies, international agencies and institutions to move forward, together.

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Thank you for ing us in Bangkok for the XV International AIDS Conference to renew the friendship and the solidarity of a world working against this pandemic and its effects. Prasert Thongcharoen Dr. If we don't understand this fundamental point, we will never be able to beat this global epidemic. Alongside the Scientific and Leadership Programs, we have developed a program, which we hope will bring together communities living with AIDS to informally learn, teach and share their experiences so that all delegates may bring back home with them renewed energy, commitment and enlightenment.

The Community Program is the fruit of many months of consultations worldwide to identify critical issues of concern. A tremendous amount of work has gone into this process by untold heroes from the frontlines in liaison with the Community Program Committee secretariat staff We would like to recognise and thank each individual for his or her contribution.

It provides a platform for dialogue, for looking at new directions and strategies, and hopefully for promoting true Access for All in the broadest sense of the term. The Community Program is also about being part of the decisions and the implementation of strategies that affect us all. A unique feature of this year's Community Program has been the development of seven Community Projects by the local Thai community and networks. The projects each have their own independent characteristics but weave together to form a creative and interactive mosaic that promotes Access for All.

In our Global Village the first of its kind in the history of these Conferencesthe aim is to demonstrate that community can mean more than only geography, an idea that we must build on if we are to succeed. This highly interactive and user-friendly space allows non-delegates of the Conference to together with attendees, to share their opinions, hopes and experiences.

The Skills Building Program, under the responsibility of the Community Secretariat is fully integrated into the Conference program and has become a key component of the Conference.

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It promises to be exciting and innovative. Its format provides for innovative ways of deepening understanding and knowledge by sharing new approaches and methodologies. In addition, we will have an informal lounge area for delegates to meet outside of the scheduled program. Our lounge areas will also provide the opportunity for those delegates living with HIV to escape the bustle of the Conference for some rest.

For the first time, youth will drive their own agenda for the Conference. The issue is not what do we need from youth but what does youth need from us. Working together, youth from all over the world, regardless of status, will focus on what challenges they face, how they will surmount these challenges and plan for their own way forward.

Our vibrant Cultural Program is completely integrated into the Conference and features an array of activities organised under the concept Living A. The goal of Living A. This remarkable kaleidoscope of artists, musicians and filmmakers will surely be one of the most memorable experiences for delegates and the general public during AIDS As we say in Thailand, Sawadee krap which means welcome. Our wish is that each and every one of you finds in our program something that will leave an everlasting memory of your experience in Bangkok.

Senator Mechai Viravaidya Mr. 6 Welcome to Bangkok Dr. Pakdee Pothisiri Dr. The Leadership Program will bring global attention to the role and concrete contribution of leadership -from all sectors and all levels from all parts of the world - and obtain commitments in reversing HIV infection and containing the epidemic. Inas we confront both unprecedented opportunities and an epidemic that continues expanding, leadership is needed more than ever. In donor countries, leadership means advocating for substantial new funds to address this global problem.

In countries affected by the epidemic, leadership means enacting the policies needed for an effective, comprehensive response. Leaders in one sector often lack partners in other sectors that are critical to an effective response. The Leadership Program seeks to generate leadership that is stronger, sustained, more diverse, and more passionate. The Leadership Program has been structured to reinforce the need for leaders to increase commitment in five key areas: - Supportive policies - Scaled-up programs in prevention, care and treatment - Increased human and financial resources - Mobilising their peers in the response - ability In addition to plenary sessions that will focus on key aspects of leadership in the global response, leadership meetings will bring together leaders from throughout the world and from diverse sectors to strategise with their peers on ways to strengthen and accelerate the fight against the epidemic.

The result will be the Leadership Statementwhich will pledge the commitment of the assembled leaders to undertake concrete actions to ensure achievement of the goals set forth in the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment. The "Leadership Statement " will be presented during the Closing Ceremony and will include concrete follow-up actions.

We welcome you and we wish you an inspiring Conference! Improving Lives. It calls for action. For the many infected and affected it means access to prevention, treatment and care. For young people it means access to knowledge, information and services. For women it means access to sexual and reproductive health care and services and freedom from sexual harassment and violence.

We have no time to lose. Leadership must be strengthened. The commitment must be there, at the national level but also in business, in international and national organisations and in the civil society at large. Without an explicit leadership the pandemic will continue spreading like wildfire. Our response should be dramatically scaled up. We need additional resources. The full chain of activities is required, from treatment and care, to research and vaccines and access to affordable medicines.

To achieve a halt of the spread of the pandemic, prevention must be put first. We must be courageous and challenge traditional power structures. A of rights have to be fulfilled: the right not to be excluded, the right not to be subject to stigma and discrimination, the right to health, the right to counselling and condoms and the right to have control over ones own body. Women must be empowered. Men must change their behaviour. Undertakings entered into at the population Conference in Cairo and the Conference of Women in Beijing must be honoured.

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We must do our best to overcome our differences. Our passion. The IAS is a non-profit organisation founded in It is politically and financially independent and speaks freely as a voice of reason in AIDS controversies. The IAS has more than 6, individual members from over countries, and 16 affiliated national and regional societies representing yet another 6, members. The next Conference in the series will take place in Rio de Janeiro in This archive, recorded through a period of 16 years, has more than hours of footage that covers every facet of the pandemic. The ultimate goal of the Ministry is to ensure better health for all.

These programs and interventions are instructed by the policy and strategic framework laid out by the National AIDS Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister. We welcome colleagues and delegates from around the world to us in making this a valuable and successful Conference. Its overall aim is to improve their quality of life.

It was founded in Amsterdam in to respond to the desperate lack of support and information to HIV positive women worldwide. The networks ICASO seeks to connect and represent consist of community groups working with limited resources to stem the tide of infection among their families, friends, and neighbours. It has become clear that some of the most cost-effective and innovative responses to the challenges posed by the epidemic originate in the hardest-hit communities.

Because their resources are often meagre, and because the epidemic poses immediate life or death choices, these communities have been forced to devise novel defences against transmission, to provide as much care and treatment as possible, to speak plainly about the disease and de-stigmatise HIV status, and to lobby their governments at all levels to increase resource allocations for a range of services. ICASO helps networks and groups connect to share lessons learned, expertise, and even commodities.

We work to amplify their voices in global, regional and national policy dialogues, advocating their concerns as comprehensively and accurately as possible.

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