Chat with sexy girls Tijuana

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I hook the key chain to my pants so I will always have keys and pants for the return hehe. Glad you popped Edith and Maria and had a good time. In SD for the first time in three years. Man I love the weather down there. Got to pilgrimage to Salk Institute and I won't report on the ordeal after this moment when I found out I lost my rental car keys either at HK or in the shuttle.

Otherwise, nice quick trip. Reply With Quote. Got to pilgrimage to Salk Institute and visit the beautiful Blacks Beach. Even walked around the clothing optional area clothing-less. Damn I am pale. Headed to the border at 8 pm. My 4th time enjoying the cultural exchange. Last time I was here there was a shooting and police activity that woke me up in the middle of the night.

Decided not to get any pesos this time and go with just dollars. Walked across, passport check, I was only one in line. She asked what I was doing, I said a day trip visit as tourist, and then thank you. I had my vaccine card but no need. Got to the taxi rank and got in a white marked taxi. I was pleasantly surprise at the expansion, basically doubling the size of the place. Sunday was lively but not crowded which is great.

The rest were super spreading. I did not think the talent was the best. Enjoyed the stage shows, dollar gropes, whip cream shows. Mostly English and some broken Spanish worked fine for me. Ladies we not overly aggressive. Edith had a sling bikini which I love and a great porn body. No kissing or any other fluid contact. Wore her out with the pounding. Had to use a lot of lube. Mary was slightly older and less attractive face but great body in a fishnet outfit.

More liberal, passionate and wet. I asked both if I could take a discrete photo but no. Called it a night at 1 am as I had two web meetings to attend in the morning. Monday morning came quickly. I tried to get the Wifi to work in the room, but it was too weak. Decided to skip the first meeting, more HK and head over the border for the second instead.

Very light crowd at the crossing back to US. I used Global Entry which is the Sentri line. I won't report on the ordeal after this moment when I found out I lost my rental car keys either at HK or in the shuttle. I know the ones in front of HK is there but don't think they give massages. Straight business or I could be wrong. Looking a place that gives good massage and happy ending in tj. I know there is a couple places but wanted to see if any body have recommendations. Close to HK or revolution. Price range and girl ratings. Nice Massage? Looks like Sara, a hot spinner at that dumpy roach motel, a good deal for that money.

She's stuck up and difficult but that kitty is tight and snug, delish to pump. The closest I got and was a bargain for 25 plus hotel 5 for this girl that resemble an Asian, didn't see other ones around but there is plenty of chicas. I'm making a trip Oct.

I speak "ok" Spanish. Attached Thumbnails. Personally I have not heard of GB in the Zona. It will be my 8th visit, and probably my last for a couple years. Def going to be an all out party and I'm looking to cross a couple things off my bucket list. I want to participate in a gangbang or orgy. Not sure if anything like this gets organized in the zona, or if it's a better strategy to find a chica who's down, and look for a local swingers party or club?

TJ Trip. October I'm making a trip Oct. Alone on a weekday. I have never been to TJ and wondering if it would be worth traveling alone during a mid morning weekday? I wouldn't plan on staying very long for my first trip.

Bravo Problems, your reports are outstanding. Entertaining and loaded with, tips, techniques, wisdom, and humor. TJ trip report September I day 2 It's a cold hard game. I was awakened several times in the early morning Wednesday. Starting around I was not really too sure what was going on, but I heard radio chatter and racket.

Amazingly, I was able to doze-off despite the noise and feeling a deep need for the agua that I failed to stock up on when I first arrived; because you know, the big brain. Once I was ready to get up and around, it was already coming up on and I was still feeling more than a little murky. I checked my phone to find a text from my amigo inquiring about my adventures with "the girl in the yellow dress".

Chat with sexy girls Tijuana

He told me that his younger brother and himself had already had breakfast at Azuls and he was going to try to get some work done while his brother recovered in his own room with a little hair of the dog. I was not going to have a repeat of the night prior. He text me his brother's room and digits and told me he'd meet up with us when he had his business addressed and concluded. I eventually found my way down to Azuls while further familiarizing myself with the layout of Cascadas. Honestly, I was hanging a little from the night prior. Food did not sound all that good.

My recent forays in TJ aside, I am rarely in the habit of drinking. I tell the waiter I just want some coffee and water to start. I had seated myself out on the patio, because why not. It was still early in the day, but because I'm a lizard, the humidity was already feeling uncomfortable. Since my phone is a potato, or maybe because I am a cave man, I've never been able to use the camera to scan the barcode and have the menu pop up regardless of the establishment. Or it might just be that whatever works for everyone else rarely works for me.

So not a bit of surprise struck me while I was having the same issue at Azul. I googled the menu instead, and decided on a egg ciabatta sandwich type thing. It had ham, and although swine is a filthy animal, ham was one of the few things that was sounding good.

I wish I had paid closer attention because it had melted cheese on it, and I'm not the biggest fan of cheese. Especially with eggs. I've always wondered why people would choose to eat cheese when they could have ice cream instead, but maybe that's just me.

I divided my attention between that, my phone, and the bar girls eating at Azuls. I was choking down the sandwich it was good despite the cheese, my stomach. I initially ignored it, but eventually went against my better judgement and answered by asking how she was feeling. I continued to work on breakfast and text the younger of the hermanos but did not think to tell him who I was.

Chat with sexy girls Tijuana

I'm braindead like that. I was learning a great deal about the zona from my vantage point. There was one particular gentleman in the alley that had somehow attracted my notice. It looked like he had something for everybody, not just the girls; and great customer service to boot. I also noticed a few of his comrades and they were all staying pretty busy.

Oddly, every now and again they would all disappear and coincidentally enough a marked vehicle would happen by. The hustle is alive and well in TJ it seems; it was delightful to watch. Of all the times I had walked the alley I had never taken the time to notice, but then again the paraditas serve as a worthwhile distraction; so I feel I should get a pass.

In any event, it served as a stark reminder of how deep the water is here. I took my time with breakfast and had a second coffee and finally started coming to. I went down to my amigo's room and knocked a few times. I figured he must have gone to the bar or was out running errands, and started to walk away when I heard the door open behind me. We hung out in his room a bit, and he would periodically walk down the hallway to smoke near the opened screened window while we shot the shit.

It was nice, we were finally getting to know one another without the distraction and noise of the clubs, real talk. He wanted to get change, and I wanted to get water and some more cash so we bounced to take care of business. We couldn't get into the OXXO by the Sushi place due to what appeared to be covid capacity restrictions. One of the street promoters for the massage place next to BT after giving us his pitch was kind enough to lead us next door to OXXO where a mom and pop were selling cold bottled water on the cheap with some other stuff.

I grabbed 4 one liter bottles and gave one to my amigo, they were only 20 pesos apiece by the way. Once he had his change, and what was left of my water was in my room fridge I talked him into bar hopping. For some odd reason I wanted to show him Adelitas Bar.

I don't know if it was still too early, but the scene was dead. The girls were not bad, but there weren't many and they didn't look like they wanted to be there. I think I saw only one other guy inside.

Chat with sexy girls Tijuana Chat with sexy girls Tijuana

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