Do you like to dine out?

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Restaurants are the place where people go to have food, spend some quality time with their loved ones, get a break from the daily routine and enjoy the hard work they have done. With time, more and more people have started visiting restaurants, for parties, corporate meetings or just to while away time. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related to restaurants.

Although I am not fond of eating out due to my healthy lifestyle every now and then I do go out to a restaurant located in south Delhi by the Delhi University campus. The restaurant is called Echoes and it is a great place to be at.

It serves different types of cuisine and their milkshakes are quite popular. It has great vibes and the crowd that visits is uni going so the menu gets updated quite regularly according to the market demands.

The restaurant has a very upmarket feel to it and the interiors are very well done. It has various paintings hanging on its walls but the most striking feature is the Hogwarts themed lamps that hang from the ceiling of the restaurant. At night when they light up, it feels like you are sitting at Hogwarts and having your dinner. From the outside, it is a bit congested but the service they provide makes up for everything else. They serve different kinds of cuisine.

They have their own versions of the popular street food which is quite famous among the college going students. The price is reasonable and they are busy almost all times. I was particularly impressed by their spirits collection as it is one of the best that I have seen in my country. There are numerous reasons as to why I love this place. The ambiance is great and the owner of the place is a very thoughtful person. The staffs that work there are deaf and dumb so you communicate with them through language or using a pen and paper.

In this cruel world it is the small things that make the difference and by providing employment to such people he has surely made a positive impact in the society. I really like it for the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. It is that restaurant that I used to visit a lot with my friends and have made some great memories in that place.

The best part about that restaurant is that they have got great service and is a perfect blend of homemade food and the one prepared by the cook. There are many places that I have visited and so many restaurants that I have gone to, but there is this something unique about it.

They have got electric candles and even if you are going during the day, you get a feel of a candle light dinner. The food is amazing and the staff really polite. I have never been to abroad, so I am not very sure of it. But, I have read about some restaurants of abroad. It is regarded as one of the best restaurants with a person telling you patiently about the menu and making sure you have a great meal. I think apart from the food, the ambiance and the service or the staff makes a restaurant great. It is good to have great food, but then the seats in which you are sitting, the lighting of the restaurant, the staff and the music the restaurant chooses to play has a very important role in making a restaurant great.

The talks and the laughs, it is all so great to be replaced. I remember, eating at this restaurant at Puri, the name I have forgotten.

Do you like to dine out?

But, it was looking average from outside so we just went in. When we looked at the menu, the food was expensive but we thought that it might be good so we ordered it.

Do you like to dine out?

The food was really bad for starters but when my friend ordered for Kebab, instead of giving that they brought Fried rice. When he asked to change the order, the staff asked him to eat it because there is no other option available.

Do you like to dine out?

Not only he had to pay, but also eat something he did not like. The only reason we sat there eating was that there were no other restaurants and we were really hungry. The restaurant has everything in the form of a Toilet. So, you could see bowls in the form of flush, seats in the form of flush and then the ice creams in the form of shit. Sometimes, I wonder how do people even go and eat there.

I think theme restaurants are really great because there is so much specialty associated with them. There is nothing general and one can feel so great about it. There is a story to tell there, a reason behind everything that is placed there. I think they are the perfect paradise for tourists and travelers. I prefer darker interiors. I am not very sure but I think dim lights bring along with them that calmness and smoothness of candlelight dinner. It calms the mind and it becomes so much more easy to listen to the other person and have a lovely conversation.

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Do you like to dine out?

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