I called you lovely

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Girl's Behavior. A bit of background information first, so I've been talking to this girl for about a month now, there's been s of interest on both sides. A while ago she told me about this basketball league her dad plays at, and told me I should go.

I texted her yesterday and asked her what time it was at, she texted me back with all the details. I then called her about an hour later to ask her some more things about it, she didn't pick up and she called me back after an hour. I pick up and say "hey" and she goes "hey lovely".

I pause for a minute because it kinda took me by surprise then I go, Then we started talking. Having said all that, what could this mean or am I just overanalyzing? Why and when would a girl call a guy "lovely".

I assume being called lovely is different than being called a lovely person.

I called you lovely

For example, "you're a lovely person" as opposed to what she said to me " hey lovely". Share Facebook. What does it mean when a girl calls you "lovely"? Add Opinion. But really who cares if your gay. In today day and age its very acceptable to be gay.

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I called you lovely

I agree that it's just a term of endearment, nothing to get too worked up about. Could you look at mine please it's called "Based on his behavior, is he losing interest? Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. What does it mean when a girl calls you lovely?

I called you lovely

Does a girl like me if she calls me lovely? Sort Girls First Guys First. HiccuppingPorcupine Xper 3. You're overanalyzing, it's an endearing term, nothing more. Related myTakes. Why china will likely become the next global superpower Interview With The Bisexual.

Why God gave us work as a condition of living. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

I called you lovely

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