Looking at tv s

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After more than a year of COVID-related restrictions, many people are looking to make the most of their home entertainment space. This may entail upgrading your couch, rearranging your living room or tricking out your binge-watching setup for ultimate enjoyment -- perhaps investing in a soundbar or upgrading to a bigger and better TV.

If you're looking to enhance your TV-viewing experience, we're here to help. There are a lot of TVs on the market, but generally speaking the best TV is the one that will fit your space and budget. An OLED television will give you the best picture quality, but it's expensive and might not be available in the size you want. That's where this list comes in. My focus is on finding the best picture quality for the money, regardless of brand. In my comparisons I look at things like contrast ratiolocal dimmingbrightness, color and uniformitygaming input lag and refresh rateas well as the of HDMI ports.

This doesn't necessarily mean a TV with smart features, but we do want to be sure that it works well with streaming devices including gaming systems that allow you to easily access your streaming service of choice. Here are my recommendations for the best TV to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and more, with the following notes to keep in mind:. : Do this to your TV now: 9 crucial settings to improve the picture. No TV I've ever tested offers this much picture quality for this little cash. The TCL 6-Series has even better image quality than its predecessor, thanks to mini-LED tech and well-implemented full-array local dimming that helps it run circles around just about any other TV at this price.

It also has gaming features that make it a solid choice for a gaming TV, with a new THX mode that combines low input lag and high contrast. As if that's not enough, the Roku TV operating system is our hands-down favorite. I don't expect it to be replaced until at least the fall, and it might stick around the entire year.

An inch version will be released "in the coming months. What's that you say? You just want the best TV and can afford whatever you want? Here you go. If you can afford it, this is the TV to get. Read the LG G1 series review. Currently available for hundreds less than the G1 above, and with picture quality that's almost as good, the CX from is a better choice overall for people who want a really nice OLED TV but don't have money to burn. The G1 was slightly brighter in my measurements and has slightly better video processing, but it was really hard to tell the difference. The only real advantage to the G1 is that slim styling, but the CX is pretty slim itself.

I haven't reviewed it yet. It adds a new inch size, some minor new features and improved processing but I expect image quality to be largely the same as the CX. The Samsung QN90A is your best bet. Read our Samsung QN90A series review. This TCL 4-Series can't beat any of the models above on image quality -- its 4K resolution and HDR performance don't do much to help the picture -- but it's perfectly fine for most people, especially at this price.

Sizes:,inch. The prices shown below are for the inch size. If you can't afford the 6-Series, this Vizio is a very good choice. It looks very similar on paper -- the major difference is a new voice remote and a larger selection of sizes. Read our Vizio M7-Series Quantum review. We liked Roku's smart TV system better sound familiar? Picture quality between the two was basically the same, so if you don't have a preference, it makes sense to get the cheapest one.

Read the Vizio V-Series review. If you want an "S" brand, this is one of the best values we've tested.

Looking at tv s

Read our Sony X90J series review. Its sleek de stands out compared to the other TVs on this list -- although the ultra-thin OLED models are even sleeker -- it offers better features and image quality than budget models like the TCL 4-Series, and it comes in a vast array of sizes.

Read our Samsung Q60A series review. For sizes smaller than 55 inches, and for people who value smarts over image quality, these non-4K Roku TVs make a lot of sense. The picture is "good enough" and the built-in smarts are superb -- just enough to watch the final season of "The Office" or "Friends" content.

And the price is perfect for a kids' room or secondary room where you don't need a massive screen. Sizes:, inch. The price shown below is for the inch size. My advice is to simply get the least expensive one. I'm pretty sure you'd be happy with any one of the TVs above, but a new set can be a big investment, so maybe you're looking for a bit more information. Here's a quick and dirty list. Get CNET's comprehensive coverage of home entertainment tech delivered to your inbox. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

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Looking at tv s

July 13, p. Jump to details. Best budget TV runner-up Vizio V-series. Here are my recommendations for the best TV to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and more, with the following notes to keep in mind: Unless noted otherwise, all of the prices you'll see are for inch models. Looking for a specific screen size? Some of the TVs below came out in New models are now available and we've reviewed a handful so far.

Looking at tv s

For the TVs on this list I've included a " outlook" section with everything I know so far about the new models. If you're worried that new TVs will have some great feature or picture quality enhancement you'll miss out on if you buy a TV now, relax. TVs are generally a mature technology and our advice is that if you need a new TV now, you should get one.

This list is updated periodically. TCL 6-Series. Sizes:, inch. Best TV, money no object. Best high-end TV for the money. Sizes:,inch. Best OLED alternative. Samsung QN90A series. Best budget TV. TCL 4-Series. Best TV for the money runner-up. Vizio M-Series Quantum.

Best budget TV runner-up. Vizio V-series. Sizes:, inch Read the Vizio V-Series review. Best midpriced alternative to TCL, Vizio. Sony X90J series.

Looking at tv s

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