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Cayucos, California is a quiet little Central Coast beach town which makes a perfect weekend getaway on its own, or a nice overnight stop on a larger central California road trip. The town is great if you want to have a mix of chill time and outdoor activities— and these 10 fun things to do in Cayucos will give you a mix of both. The area was the original home for the Chumash peoplewho have lived on the Central Coast for over 10, years.

Their homeland ranged widely in Central and Southern California, covering coastline from Malibu to Cayucos. They were advanced basket makers and fishers and they used kayaks to navigate the coastline. During the Spanish colonization, the area was used primarily for ranching and dairy.

Cayucos subsequently became a busy port and market down. There were also some shenanigans regarding a spectacular bank robbery inand a prohibition-era rum-running operation which also happened in Half Moon Bay. But things have settled down since then and Cayucos, CA is now a quiet town with a lot of retirees and folks like you, who are looking for a nice visit and some beach time. And we are here to help you do that, because we are nothing if not helpful here at California Crossings.

Cayucos is roughly equidistant between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Getting to Cayucos from Los Angeles will take 3. Getting there from San Francisco is 3. You can take Highway 1 the whole way or use Highway to Paso Robles and then head to the coast on Highway If you are stopping in Cayucos as part of a larger coast road trip, be sure to check out our itinerary for the Pacific Coast Highway. It covers SF to LA in 5 days with advice on key stops, where to stay and where to eat. We also have a more detailed Big Sur road trip guide if you want to combine time in Cayucos with the coastline to the north.

This article contains affiliate links. All of the rooms have at least a partial view and many have a full view. You get your own little patio and Adirondack chairs for watching the sunset. Check reviews and book at Booking. You are just steps away from City Beach, they offer a full breakfast and their hot tub has pretty sweet views. When you visit Cayucus, you should think of it as a base of operations for the central coast. There is a lot of stunning coastal views, parks, bluffs and marine life in central California and you should definitely go out and explore it.

Pack a beach chair and an extra large chill pill because you are going to need both for the Cayucos beach. You can surf the break at the pier or just hang out and watch the sunset. The foot Cayucos pier was originally built in and was reconstructed in The pier is particularly evocative at sunset with the quiet water tumbling under the pier supports.

Estero Bluffs is one of the nicest outdoor activities to do in Cayucos. The park has lovely ocean views with rocky bluffs, dunes and even a shipwreck. They do have parking at the state park, but you can easily walk to Estero Bluffs from town. You can hike the full 7. You can do a 3 mile round trip by going as far as San Geronimo road before turning around. Cayucos has developed a series of community supported murals around town. The 9 murals cover historical and environmental topics and they add a lot of color and interest to the downtown drag.

You can find a mural map here. I went into this pharmacy to get some lip goop and was surprised to find a cute gift shop. They have a down to earth ethic at this compounding pharmacy, and their gifts reflect that. For such a small town, Cayucos is fairly busting with antique stores. Well…they have three anyway. You can also find some old farm implements that you can repurpose in your garden and get some cute beachy age. This excursion gets you out of town.

Looking in cayucos

Head up the coast 30 miles to visit the Piedras Blancas Light Station. This light station is a national monument and has been in continuous use since The site has well-preserved grounds and lightkeeper housing. You must take a scheduled tour. Use our guide to get more info and tour booking details for Piedras Blancas Light Station.

After your tour or even if you decide not to do the touryou should definitely stop off at the nearby Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery. Unlike migratory whales, the elephant seals can always be spotted at Piedras Blancas. The males, females and pups come and go throughout the year according to various lifecycles that include: mating, birthing, molting and resting.

The pic above was taken in April and features a molting female.

Looking in cayucos

If you want to get jazzed for your visit, you can watch the live elephant seal cam. The whole town was sold inbut it still houses a small population of artisans making and selling art objects, locally hand blown glass, and pottery. They also have some hilarious cow sculptures that are definitely worth stopping for. And if you visit on the weekend, you can get some Harmony ice cream. Learn more about the history and find things to do in Harmony. There are tons of wineries in nearby Paso Robles, but not so many along this stretch of coastline.

But the real treat is their large outdoor deck, which overlooks pasturelands. They do get busy on the weekends and reservations are recommended. But if you want to get a taste of Morro Bay while visiting Cayucos, consider spending a few hours doing one or two of the following:.

Looking in cayucos

Whether you are headed home via Highwayor just moving the party to Paso for some wine tasting, you should definitely take the slow road. Google will tell you to go north from Cayucos, over Highway 42 and into Paso. Which is fine. But taking the Old Creek Road is more fine. This scenic winding road he northeast through oak forest and pasturelands, skirting the Whale Rock Reservoir.

It will only take you an extra 25 minutes to do this routing, and the views are worth it. For breakfast, try The Hidden Kitchen. They are a gluten-free restaurant offering smoothies and yummy waffles made from blue corn. Partly this is because they are only open for lunch. For your mid-afternoon snack, be sure to stop into the Brown Butter Cookie Company. They offer both standard sugar cookies and also extra large chewy cookies which are the best!

Pay attention to the menu because they offer interesting seasonal flavors.

Looking in cayucos

They do a large shipping operation at the store, so you can also send Brown Butter cookies as a gift to your friends and family. They have a wide ranging New American menu and the seafood pasta dishes are popular. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. View of town from the pier. Comments Too many people. Search Search the site

Looking in cayucos

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10 Things to Do in Cayucos on a Weekend Getaway