Mature lady ca

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For older issues. Click on the link to read them. Upcoming — See below Ongoing — Activities happening on a regular basis.

Mature lady ca

Click on link. OWN has been a unique voice for mid-life and older women for over 30 years. Be proud of your membership, and renew here Membership Renewal Form If you are not a member, consider becoming one by going to our membership — new and apply to become one. In a few short weeks, the widespread onset of COVID has left thousands of Canadians facing economic hardship not seen in generations.

Employment insurance applications have reached a record high and, with housing being the most ificant expense for most households, many will not be able to afford their rent. The Government of Ontario has placed a moratorium on evictions for the time being, and Mayor Tory has asked landlords to be lenient with tenants on April 1.

Mature lady ca

While these are steps in the right direction, these are not adequate measures to address the needs of tenants struggling to stay housed. More must be done to provide rent relief to tenants and to ensure their housing is protected now and after the public health crisis subsides. Keep your rent has launched a campaign encouraging tenants to keep their rent on April 1. Social Justice and Housing Network has a petition and released an open letter and recommended plan of action for protecting our homeless community and preventing pandemic spread among the population.

Thank you for your support. We are in a moment like no other in modern history. In every corner of the world, COVID is upending our lives and livelihoods, and putting the most vulnerable in our communities at even greater risk. Will you add your name and demand a just recovery from this pandemic? Even before this pandemic hit, people were already struggling in the midst of a climate crisis. Here they are:. Check it out here. ALL Meetings and Outings are suspended until further notice due to the virus pandemic. Planning meetings are on the first Saturday of every month, at pm to pm, 1st Saturday of each month, in the Meeting Room at The Esplanade.

Mature lady ca

Temporarily suspended. Granny says: Change the Building Code Now! Click on the link to see the video:. If you answered yes to ANY of the above questions, please complete our three question survey on aging and mental health. Survey questions focus on identifying mental health support, care, and treatment priorities across Canada. Thank you for your participation in this important conversation. Please forward this to people within your networks across Canada! We are working to identify the top 10 unanswered research questions on aging and mental health in Canada.

For more information:. Planning meetings are on the first Saturday of every month, at pm to pm, meeting room The Esplanade. For more information, contact Susan Mansfield-Jones, At the local health coalition, meetings and initiatives are planned. Local coalitions are working on fighting hospital cuts, protecting public health care for all, against privatization and 2-tier user fees for patients, improving home care and long-term care, stopping the privatization of primary care, improving quality and reducing wait times, protecting democratic decision-making and public access to information about our health care institutions and system.

Local coalitions are open to anyone who is interested and who supports the aims and values of the health coalition — to safeguard and improve public health care for all under the principles of equity and fairness that are embodied in the Canada Health Act. All are welcome. We draw particular attention to the recommendations that housing be included in the AODAthat the Ontario government ensure that public money is never used to create or perpetuate disability accessibility barriers, that the government effectively review all Ontario laws to ensure that they do not create or permit disability accessibility barriers, and that the AODA accessibility standards be amended to bring them in line with the Human Rights Code.

The same comments are posted on Living in Place facebookadding the links:. The first half is the important part. He describes the 8 stages of any movement. But we can speed it up. However, we must avoid discouragement. Analysis of non-violent strategy.

Mature lady ca

OWN has been a unique voice for mid-life and older women for 31 years. Please continue to support us in our vital work together by:. Be proud of your membership, and renew NOW. If you are not a member, consider becoming one by going to our Membership and apply to become one. Each group decides on format, book selection and time of meeting. Tea and Books : At the Mount Pleasant Libraryand various other libraries in the GTA area, usually at pm, once a month, please check with the individual libraries. Workshops for Low Income Retirement - At various library branches, see the flyer for more information, location, dates and time of the workshop.

The workshop is geared to 55 — 64 years old individuals, but will benefit anyone who will rely mainly upon income security programs in their senior years. There are 9 workshops taking place in Toronto Public Library branches in Spring The goal of this workshop is to provide low-income attendees, in plain languagewith a complete picture of benefits available to them, explain how these benefits interact, and outline best strategies for long term retirement planning on a very limited income.

John StapletonMetcalf Foundation Fellow and social policy expert, is the presenter. The impact of the series cannot be overstated. Mainstream financial advice is in most cases, inappropriate and detrimental to low-income earners. For example, advising a low-income person to save within an RRSP, can be very bad advice as it reduces their Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Mature lady ca

Simply put, this information is not readily available elsewhereand fills a real need. Non-profit Free Geek Toronto wants your laptops, desktops and other electronic waste no more than 5 years old to refurbish and resell at affordable prices. Their mission is to promote social and economic justice by reducing e-waste and increasing access to technology. Felix Centre St. Event List. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to this new virus. Please take care of yourselves. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, practice frequent hand washing, and stay at home whenever possible. Membership Renewals for OWN has been a unique voice for mid-life and older women for over 30 years.

Provide economic relief directly to the people. Help our workers and communities, not corporate executives. Create resilience for future crises. Build solidarity and community across borders — do not empower authoritarians. Call Cabinet Ministers to demand employment supports for all migrants. Speak out against man camps putting Indigenous communities at a heightened risk. Call on the government to invest in people not Big Oil.

Practice community care by ing a response network near you. Make no mistake, these are hard times. But, together, we can make it through. Please call Susan Mansfield-Jones if you wish more explanation. Older Women's Network OntarioInc. Are you a caregiver to an older adult?

Do you work in health or social care? Toronto library has 4 copies and there are no holds right now. Read them to glean lots of great ideas for our campaign. Housing announcement for all OWN members — see our Housing s Click on the link here or select from the Menu at the top of the. Thank You! Photo Credits. Webmaster: ownweb olderwomensnetwork.

Mature lady ca

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