Need some sexiness talk maybe more

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Are you frustrated by your own lack of enthusiasm for sex? Do you struggle with feeling sexy when you're with your partner? Society and our culture present an idea of what it means to be wanted and desired in a sexual way. This is seriously messing with your head! Here are 3 reasons you don't feel sexy that have nothing to do with the way you look AND what you can do to overcome these unfortunate and destructive beliefs.

The first step to changing is acknowledging the problem. If you want to feel sexier and more confident, you will need to be authentic with yourself and aware when these self defeating beliefs pop up. We put their egos before our pleasure. This devalues our self worth. No wonder your confidence is struggling, girl. That kind of perpetual abuse takes a toll on your sexiness.

If oral sex feels good, ask for that. If you want to stimulate your clit during penetration do it! Use your hands, use a vibrator, ask him to do it, but make sure that you get what YOU want for the experience! In fact, the same women that you admire as sexy and confident have learned what works to compel your reaction. You can too!

Need some sexiness talk maybe more

What makes you feel sexy? When are you most confident?

Need some sexiness talk maybe more

Consider how those experiences can be embodied in the moments when you raise your confidence quotient. Standing up straight, breathing deeply, and believing in your self-worth are the first steps in the right direction. Why not? Why is your value associated with your sexual experience? You have to let go of the notion that sexual purity has any value.

As a woman, your value is no more attached to your sexual experience than it is for men. And stop slut shaming other women! These 3 things can be simple to implement but you have to take action! Sometimes getting advice from a mentor or coach is just what you need to get on track and stay able. If you have been having a difficult time staying consistent in your mindset and find that you keep saying NO to your own needs, I invite you to schedule a coaching call with me!

It's FREE and will only take about 20 minutes. Be sure to follow my Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube s where I share tips on discussing sexual topics with kids, bridging the sexual pleasure gap, and much more! Do you know the best way to overcome the anxiety and discomfort you feel about discussing sex?

Need some sexiness talk maybe more

This way you can get the confidence, clarity, and courage to finally have the Sex Talks you want and need to have. first name and best below. Then check your inbox for your download link. Store About Me Blog. Don't Miss This! That's to follow my Drop The Sexual Baggage Checklist and start unpacking those feelings… This way you can get the confidence, clarity, and courage to finally have the Sex Talks you want and need to have.

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Need some sexiness talk maybe more

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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Sexy (That Have Nothing to Do With How You Look)