Olympic garden strip club las vegas

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In these reviews: people claimed the dancers had poor hygiene, the staff was rude, and shared a slew of other negative comments. This decision came after mounting legal battles, drama behind the scenes, and disputes between management that had been building up for years.

Olympic garden strip club las vegas

It offered the best of both worlds. One of the biggest lawsuits came from a former employee who opened a case against Olympic Gardens Las Vegas, after he claimed that he was denied his minimum wage pay. However, difficulties arose in the case because his duties detailed more than just working as the doorman.

He claims that he was an employee for over three years and spent many weeks working over 40 hours a week. The lawsuit states that Gonzalez was denied minimum wage for the time worked for roughly 6 months and that he was also denied overtime, which is highly illegal. Ultimately, the lawsuit went nowhere, and when the owner was reached out to for comment nothing was provided. Despite all of the mounting legal troubles and controversy that surrounded the club, when the club first went up for sale people were lining up left and right to purchase the closed down OG Las Vegas strip club.

While the place may have had terrible management, the Olympic Gardens Las Vegas property was still a wise investment choice because it was at a prime location between the Strip and Downtown. No matter what night it was, tourists and locals were always buzzing about the area. Strip clubs like OGs in this prime area of downtown Las Vegas can make millions of dollars a year, but unfortunately family issues began and then the court cases ensued. The former strip club then started receiving millions of dollars in bids, ranging from 8 million to 12 million.

Eliades, despite the club getting legitimate offers. During the bidding war, one of his long-term business partners and close associates, Emmanouil Varagiannis, was arrested and sentenced to 15 months in a federal prison for tax evasion. Duringa bizarre accident occurred when Afroditli Eliades-Ledstrom got behind the wheel of a vehicle and swerved into the wrong lane of traffic. The car fatally struck and killed another motorist named Michael Ponzio. Ponzio was a year-old college student. Eliades instead declared bankruptcy, which resulted in a far lower sum than what was originally proposed.

All of these events in addition to minor discrepancies, such as dancers not being paid, unsafe work conditions, and poor management eventually lead to the club having to close down completely for the time being. So the question remains: where do ladies and men go for the hottest male strip clubs and male revue shows in Las Vegas? They offer the friendly and relaxing environment of a male strip club, while also brining on the high-energy, fun, and vibrant atmosphere of a larger scale Vegas male revue show.

Olympic garden strip club las vegas

Most importantly, we can get you there and in the door for free. All you pay for are your drinks, as an all inclusive package. Take advantage of the affordable specials and fun times to be had at both of these locations. While Men of Sapphire feels more like a male revue show rather than a male strip club like OGs, the 2. Men of Sapphire has a lot of exotic, hunky men who put on a really entertaining show. The men are incredibly hot while also incredibly diverse. This is by far the best way to see the show.

This is an amazing deal especially for larger groups e. This package comes with two drink tickets good for any cocktails or beers. Kings of Hustler Las Vegas is a true male strip club experience. Located on the third floor of Hustler Club, its been a staple on the scene for years. Without a doubt, this is also one of the best options for a male revue experience, providing many themed elements and callouts during the performances. Many say the men of Hustler provide the greatest variety. If your favorite flavor happens to be chocolate, this might be the male strip club for you. They do quite a lot of specials on weekends but have limited availability for their Sunday Open Bar packages.

This is by far the most popular night to go. This deal is available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Sunday is a great night to hit up Kings of Hustler.

Olympic garden strip club las vegas

Instead, you can ride with us absolutely free and get in for free. All the above packages include complimentary limo and entry with drink package purchase. Looking for something specific? Service Rating: 4.

Olympic garden strip club las vegas

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