Painters muse dating

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What is it about an attractive or intriguing woman that turns an ordinary man into a creative whirlwind? What magical process enables him to invent, to sculpt, to paint, to write or to compose a masterpiece out of thin air simply by concentrating on the object of his desire?

While women may fantasize about attractive men and be inspired by them, men are often more likely to abandon all sense of propriety while losing themselves in creativity while women have the good sense to put this tendency of men to good use. Emilie Floge is remembered for her relationship with Gustave Klimt, the artist best known for "The Kiss" and one of those most influential in elevating Vienna to the cultural status of a Paris or Rome at the turn of the century.

Klimt's participation in this "golden age" of art was fueled by beautiful women, particularly Emilie. Klimt personally deed dresses for her. Her wide range of textile patterns echoed the colorful, abstracted patterns found in his paintings. Pablo Picasso may have been the poster child for the idea of muse driven art.

While Klimt confined his sexual relations to his models, thus allowing him a longer run with his muse Emilie, Picasso had torrid, and eventually tragic relationships with many women who were the inspiration for and were featured in his art. He alternated from worshiping to total disregard for the women in his life as inspiration waned and a new muse appeared.

Painters muse dating

Like Apollo, he had as many as nine muses from whom he drew incredible energy and each were intensely attached to him. He was a prodigious, fearless and innovative artist producing as many as 50, wide ranging pieces. When questioned about his non-stop pace, he said: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working. According to Greek mythology, Zeus' and Mnemosyne's nine daughters were called Muses whose one being in heart, spirit and thought was dedicated to the arts, Taught by Apollo, they inspired creativity and imagination in artists.

It might be helpful to make a list of the things that motivate you. These are the things that are really important to you, that you care deeply about. Try to visualize what or who you adore, cling to, hold dear, treasure and love. Include those you hold in high esteem, idolize, revere or worship and write it down.

The ideal is to fit the things that drive you in with the purposes of your life, the basic tenants or personal rules of character that define who you are. What drives, enthuses and excites you? What provokes you or makes you mad enough to act? What helps you define and achieve your goals? Now write down what actually drives or inspires you on a daily basis.

Whether or not you admit it, we are all a little like Homer Simpson: "Today I am going to concentrate on the important things of life--oh look, a donut! If your muse can lift you to the higher levels of motivation and allow you to be the best you can be, then go for it. Of course, there are those who say the muse phenomenon is merely the biochemistry of attraction. We see an attractive woman and the hypothalamus sends out neurotransmitters--dopamine, nor-epinephrine, serotonin and a symphony of chemicals give us the euphoria, the sense of "head over heels" infatuation sensation.

Driven by these stimulants, we maintain a high level of emotional and creative intensity for at most a few years when the experience wains and the "long haul" chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin take over. Those of us who have experienced it know that the muse kind of attraction and desire starts somewhere beyond the hormones and neurotransmitters and although we enjoy the rush when our body responds, it is the mental and spiritual dimensions that give it a channel and meaning. One of the problems of the muse relationship is balancing the flow of emotional energy. The best muse relationships involve motivation on mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well as mere physical attraction.

I blazed through the internet looking for examples of inspiring women and found list after list of women, who may be accomplished and role models, but are not my idea of a muse. Oprah Winfrey, for example, is an amazing role model, but not what most men look for to propel them to high levels of artistic creativity. In the fabulous remake of Great Expectations, Gwyneth Paltrow is molded by Anne Bancroft to be the ultimate heart breaker muse.

At times alluring, teasing and yet unattainable, she spurs Ethan Hawke to success as an artist and as a financial equal. Fortunately for both of them, she overcomes the need to destroy and they find happiness together. Finn: I did it! I did it! I am a wild success! I sold 'em all, all my paintings. You don't have to be embarrassed by me anymore. I'm rich!

Painters muse dating

Isn't that what you wanted? Aren't we happy now? Don't you understand that everything I do, I do it for you? Anything that might be special in me, is you. This is an example of the worst kinds of muse--unrequited and ultimately destructive emotional energy. Compare this with Robert and Elizabeth Browning who were both smitten with each other and each other's gifts. I love your verses with all my heart, dear Miss Barrett, Voices all around me but I sit silent Scarcely moving Stuck in Dreams Colorful playthings Images of a world where I am effervescent Transcendentally becoming Awash in Light Awaking memories Days of laughing and loving Question: In this life can one have more than one muse that keeps us going on with high motivation?

Answer: I certainly hope so. My first muse was Monica Kay G. She used to come over first thing in the morning to get me up and going with her familiar cry: "Can Darlin' come out and play? My feeling about high motivation is that it is something we can all muster by ourselves. What we cannot seem to conjure up is the thing that triggers all the hormones, the endorphins until we almost burst with the need to express our highest creative work. For most men, that is a muse My muse is among the most important people in my life. She wakes up my most creative juices. I love her and am of an older generation than hers and she is unattainable.

So for me this unrequited love is fine since I know nothing can go wrong with it. So I am able to wallow in it, enjoying her company and inspiration. For me, that makes it more real - to interact with the person and feel the energy flow back and forth.

My current muse is a male coworker I am female and I use both our positive and negative interactions as song material.

Painters muse dating

There is always some new situation and something new to feel. On the other hand, I also used the death of Heath Ledger as inspiration once and I certainly didn't know him. I have a muse I have learned over the years to leave her alone So I suppose, it's not a bad thing Me, with all my outward limitations, just making "lemonade, and always anticipating adventure. Thank you so much for your considered comment. Sorry it took so long to reply I've been off the grid for a while and I'm back. I actually think a muse can be in the imagination of a person For example, Quixote's Dulcinea Wiki describes it like this: "Don Quixote finds a true love whom he calls Dulcinea.

She is a simple peasant in his home town, but Quixote imagines her to be the most beautiful of all women. At times, Quixote goes into detail about her appearance, though he freely admits that he has seen her only fleetingly and has never spoken with her. She never appears in the book, but still, his vision of her propels him to tout with windmills and to dream the impossible dream. Superb poetry there, and what a muse you must have to inspire and propel you to write such artistry!

I have always wondered about just exactly what a male means when he tells you that you are his muse, and now I understand quite clearly due to your most insightful and fascinating write here. I understand that both male and female give off pheromones where we each give off our unique scent which attracts another, and so I am intrigued as to how one can be a muse to another just by never having met in person. However, I can relate to being inspired by the written words of another to propel one to high levels of creativity, if that is one aspect of being a muse or having such a muse.

I am glad you gave the example of Robert and Elizabeth Browning being smitten with each other and their gifts. Hi G, what a thoughtful and entertaining comment. Sort of like the moon's gravity--too close and the storms would kill us, too far and we lose the tides that launch our boats. I watched Crazy Heart again last night and enjoyed seeing it from the muse perspective.

Though ultimately unattainable, Maggie Gyllenhaal becomes the driving force that brings Jeff Bridges back from the abyss and fuels a creative force he had thought lost forever. Bless all the muses in our lives, the art that adores them unlocks a sense of beauty in all of us. You have an incredible way of expressing yourself, Winsome.

Muse is an interesting concept - I think there is some element of the unattainable, even if the person is close to you, particularly if they're still always just a little out of reach, but in a positive, inspiring way. It seems there is a small band of attainability that is muse - before that is too familiar, beyond that is too distant. Great subject; great hub! Hi Martha, no the muse, fortunately for them, has little responsibility other than being desirable.

Painters muse dating

I like your "energy of desire. I guess the challenge Picasso's muses had was to be the current object of his "energy of desire. Who knows, maybe one day I will meet a writer of passion whose joy of life and "energy of desire" s with mine to create the extraordinary romance of our lives. Hi Klara, yes a muse should be pure and inspiring and unattainable but I'm afraid if the muse didn't put out Picasso would have disqualified them for the job. Based on his amazing amount of quality output, his system must have worked for him.

What we hope is that most of these were the "higher honor" candidates you mention. I love the part of Midnight in Paris when they are discussing the portrait of Picasso's mistress and Gil finally has a chance to speak authoritatively. I can see the unattainable part--heck I look at your cute avatar and read your witty writing and though you are clearly unattainable, I can't help trying to be clever just to impress you.

We males are so easy. A real muse shouldn't be a living woman or man. Muses are supposed to be pure, inspiring, and unattainable. If your muse is someone you are with, then scratch out the label "muse" because she just became "the one you love" and there is nothing wrong with that I am so glad to have met you, too.

What awesome words and thoughts you have. How sad for Solomon. But I watched Oprah's master class. Bon Jovi was the featured guest.

Painters muse dating

He talked about never believing you've made it because if you do how sad that would be to be "done" and went on to talk about the success of his 'slippery when wet' album and how successful it was and he was only 25, and everyone was saying he couldn't replicate that so he had to find an entirely new and fresh goal because he was, after all, only He was way too young to be done.

It was a great show. It said alot of what you said above. Your words have inspired me.

Painters muse dating

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