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Forum Rules. for FREE! Remember Me? What's New? 8 of 13 First Last Jump to : to of Thread: Phone Sex Operator Support thread! I know there are probably going to be times I just hang up or lose my cool. But in the times that can be avoided I would prefer to avoid it if possible.

What do you say as far as your comebacks? Both civil and not so civil. What sometimes IS the more "proper" thing to say when we are on the fence as to how to judge a situation? I mean I guess I should also add that I am a Switch but may just need to stay Dominant on Niteflirt. It's helped me keep control better of various situations already in chat rooms.

Sex forum phone chat

I'll be checking out the links posted to the other PSO thre provided. Last edited by CapturedDoll; at AM. Reply With Quote. I usually the jerks in our industry tend to loiter in the free chat cam rooms. To be honest I find the majority of my Phone chat guys to be usually very civil and polite. While many phone sex guys are nice and sweet, there are many who behaved like savages beasts such as the necro guys or those into bestiality.

So, my advice is to block, report if you need to, and put men in the place if you can't take the bullshit. Why do I put people in their places as an pso? Personally,I don't dwell on losing my cool because tomorrow another day and most of my phone sex clientele are sweeties. Originally Posted by CapturedDoll. I apologize if this is in the wrong place or has already been posted. I looked and only saw one for Webcam comebacks.

And since it seems "The Niteflirt Thread" is in this section And when I say that I mean One to remain civil, helpful, and understanding. And hopefully keep the customer engaged with you. And the other being the complete F U. Maybe there's a top 10 list around here? I know responses are pretty much throughout peoples posts.

Sex forum phone chat

I was just hoping to have something I can come back to and quickly. What sometimes IS the more "proper" thing to say when we are on the fence as to how to judge the situation? Phone sex varies from place to place. For example, the British market is totally different than the American phone sex market.

There are tons of rude and gross customers in phone sex. They love pushing newbies buttons as well. It does not help being a Pollyanna about the matter either. For example, what shall happen when guys want tickle torture than they want to talk about bestiality? Here's my point, just be firm, don't let them press your boundaries, and you will be okay.

Dive in and you will love it. I tend to overthink things. The repoire I already have with people that share my fetish Last edited by DonaDiabla; at PM. Reason: more information. Originally Posted by DonaDiabla. Sorry but that is not how phone sex works for everyone. You don't have to do every fetish to be successful. You can pick and choose the fetishes that you are most comfortable with. It is good that you are thinking about hard limits. It's funny you say that. Tickle Torture is my kink and what I will be specializing in. Beastiality is definetly a hard limit.

I have zero tolerance already for those interactions. I guess I just have to put that zero tolerance in place for most everything. There's no way to survive in this otherwise. Thats why I need to hear things like this. Great points. I didn't really consider the needs of International callers much. I have but So much to learn I have plenty of time. Your insight is very much appreciated Dona and Ladies. It's a lot to take in and process. I knew it would be. And yeah One more tip, CapturedDoll.

Hi I just had a semi long talk with one of my callers and he brought up the idea of starting my own PSO business on Niteflirt. I am not even sure if that is what i want to do, just came here to get some advice. I think i want to primarily do this because i am tired. I know that PSO's are not supposed to complain about our jobs but its literally beginning to wear on me. I keep working for these bosses who act like pimps and want my life to revolve around this business. I am sick of making 30 to 40 cents a minute.

I am sick of making 20 cents a minute through TTM. I am sick of having to work 6 or 7 companies. I am so tired of being screamed at cause i forget to log out. I would maybe get like 1 call every 4 days. I went through a major crisis and that bitch was not sympathetic at all.

It seems as though i always have a problem no matter what PSO company i work at and i think that is primarily cause there are certain things that i will not deal with or do. Honestly after 3 and a half years of being a PSO, i am literally almost at my damn wits end. I would love to be my own boss and treat my girls fairly and pay them a good amount of money and run a good clean business. I don't want to act like a pimp and treat my girls like shit while paying what is basically shit. If I cant start a business through Niteflirt, what companies are hiring Dispatch? What companies are training to do dispatch?

I want to do more than just be a PSO. I don't know about the business thing, but you can start as a Flirt on NF right away. Have your ID and a valid credit card ready and its easy. People have no idea what it takes to run a phonesex business whether it's on a platform like niteflirt or your own sites.

Go on niteflirt right now and work for yourself. You really can't hire people to do it for you unless you've walked the walk and know what it's like. You'll make more money without any of the headaches. Good luck. Originally Posted by fonegurl.

Yes, you are correct for the most part when it comes to becoming an pso company boss and hiring. Personally, I ran my own company for a short time during my early 20s and I felt that I could not handle more than 5 girls at a time. In addition, I do not like other people cutting into my money and have since decided against the idea of hiring other people. Now, I have my own direct-dial lines plus some platforms that I work on. I have never felt better about my decision to cut others out of my money.

Kandigrace, I will talk about dispatcher work. It has been a few years but this what I personally know. I believe that Chloe had an dispatcher program as well but I am not sure. Anyways, your dispatching duties will depend on your company's needs and can include many different things such as credit card processing.

You often work 40 to 60 hours and they will often want 2 and more years of being an sold phone sex operator. This might include a look at your dispatch and platform characters. Also, you need more than one phone, high speed internet, need to know most phone sex lingo, and personal references. You and the owner must get along because they put their trust in you.

Sex forum phone chat

Also, they often want girls without any accents because back in the day I had an hard time with some of those "Upper-crust" guys due to my own accent as dispatcher. Originally Posted by Kandigrace. Hi I think i want to primarily do this because i am tired. Question for all phone sex operators and webcam models please i need your help! Hi you guys so after reading the sticky about safety and taking precautions im now paranoid and freaking myself out after reading how companies sell information im scared heres the deal.

So In the past I have ed a few phone sex comaonies that required me to submit copies of my social security card and drivers. I found all of this comaonies from the website sexyjobs. They wont respond to me at all. Granted I have always been paid on time i just think that's highly unprofessional to not even tell the girl shes fired and dont respond to her inquires. Now im worried if its a scam company. I looked into them a little bit before applying but i didnt find much about them.

But with their lack of professionalism for the last damn near 4 months im scared. Heres my question to you guys. Is there any other way to vet a company as legit before ing up with them and giving away your private information. Attached Images. Last edited by queenelayliah; at AM. Re: Question for all phone sex operators and webcam models please i need your help!

Sex forum phone chat

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